Monday, January 31, 2011

The Pool of Bethesda

I had the opportunity to visit where they believe this event occurred.  It was quite moving, but more so in retrospect.  Imagine if you will hundreds of sick and dying individuals gathered around this body of water.  Each one is there with the hope of healing if they were the first into the pool when it stirred.  Some were new arrivals, others had spent a lifetime waiting, hoping, praying.  The remedy for their ailment could come at anytime, but often those who were waiting were unable to help themselves.

Isn't that a sad picture, but here is the truth of the matter.   You suffer from a terminal illness… the diagnosis is accurate, the result is always the same… death.  Everyone has contracted this disease, it is genetic, passed down from parent to child since the beginning.  If you haven't guessed the disease is SIN.  There remains only one remedy - Jesus Christ.

In John 5:1-9, we find Jesus at this pool asking, "Do you wish to be well?"  That's the same question He asks today, "Do you wish to be well?"  Just like the sick man we tend to come up with excuses: I've tried but it doesn't work.  There must be another way.  They call it a disease, I can't be healed.  I'm addicted.  I've been abused, no one would want me.  I've done some terrible, awful things. 

Lay every excuse down.  Look into the eyes of the Savior.  He's offering you the healing you need, you desire.  Will it be easy, no.  I guarantee you it is worth it.  He doesn't force Himself on anyone, you must take the gift He offers. 

So, do you wish to be well?